Fuzzy Femme Project Update: Learning to Love the Fuzz

Never fear, dear readers, I have not given up on the Fuzzy Femme Project. It’s been a little over a month since I ceased depilating and I’m back with an update.

It wasn’t nearly as irritating as I had expected going through the stubble phase. And I’m pleasantly surprised at how most of the time I forget that my legs are hairy now. For the most part, I forget about my underarms too, until I’m in the shower. Then I still do a double-take most days as I raise my arms to rinse my hair and see a dark mound of curls under my arms. Oh yeah, I remember, that’s me now. It’s still a bit of a novelty.

I went out in a dress and heels for the first time with visibly hairy legs. I will admit to a mild internal panic before leaving the house. (What can I say, it takes time to undo years worth of patriarchal conditioning.) I haven’t yet received any negative attention because of my body hair, but we’re still fairly early on in the project.

                                               It feels nice not to constantly have ingrown hairs on my legs. You can tell by the scars on my leg that those were a frequent occurrence (and that I was/am a picker…but that’s another post entirely). It’s also very freeing to just let my body be my body. I’m still adjusting to its physical appearance but this is true on many levels, not just regarding my newly hairy legs and pits. This project isn’t just about examining mine and society’s relationship with women and body hair or redefining femme for myself. It’s another way for me to embrace my physical being. Loving my body for what it is has been a lifelong battle and my newest rendering of me is just another step toward victory.


5 responses to “Fuzzy Femme Project Update: Learning to Love the Fuzz

  1. You look great! I stopped shaving my legs last winter and it definitely took some getting used to. I didn’t have the guts to keep them shaved once it started getting warmer though, so good for you!

    I’ve recently stopped shaving my pubic hair and that has taken a lot of getting used to. There are some days when I still feel like I should trim it down again, but for the most part I’m completely in love with the hair. It reminds me that I’m a woman in a really fantastic way.

    • Thanks! Trust me, it took a while to work up to bein’ hairy in the summertime. I attempted to start this project right around Pride but then I panicked at the thought of being in full view of thousands of people (I was in the parade) with newly fuzzy legs.

      For the past couple of years, I’ve been pushing myself to seek out the most authentic version of me I can find. This definitely feels right.

  2. I find it brave of you to be natural in this smooth world.
    More should be like you.

  3. As a woman reared mainly in the US, I was brought up to “acknowledge” that men – lovers of any gender, really – prefer no hair on the underarms, legs, derrier, face, and crotch unless it’s very light in color, and very fine in density and thickness, but I’ve left my underarm hair grow to a short length since I turned 23, and keep my pubic hair short and trimmed. This pleases my lovers and me, and I frankly find it sexy on other women; no facial hair, though, nor on the legs if I’m going to wear anything that will show the area below the knees. Thanks for your interesting post 🙂

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