A non-update update

Apologies to those following my Fuzzy Femme process! I promise, I’m still quite fuzzy, I just haven’t had time to have any good photos taken lately. I’m also working on two other unrelated blog posts, the first of which will hopefully be up in the next day or so.

Instead of a Fuzzy Femme photo, I offer a fall fashion pic that my partner took on our way out the door last week. If you look really close you can kinda see some fuzz above the cowboy boots.


3 responses to “A non-update update

  1. Darlin’ you look so adorable in this picture, and I love that Badger is running in the background! Deep Lez up in here!!! lol.

    • Aw, thanks!

      And yeah, for real. The only thing better would have been if all THREE cats had been in the background and we maybe had a Melissa Etheridge poster on the wall or something.

  2. Hahahaha…


    I’m sorry that’s where I draw the line. lol.

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