Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue 3rd Anniversary Vegan Brunch!

(Note: I’m still alive and kickin’, dear readers. October was a bit of a brutal month and it’s crunch time for grad school applications so my attention span has been more suited to Tumblr updates rather than much of anything with length or depth. But I will return to this space soon.)

Just popping in to do a bit of promotion for my favorite rescue organization, Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue. It’s run by some friends of mine and in addition to furthering the no-kill mission also advocates veganism. I’ve been volunteering with BSAR for a few years now and have fostered several cats through them. (I even gained a cat when I accidentally fell too in love with a timid, fluffy ginger boy.)

The rescue’s 3rd anniversary vegan brunch is being held this coming Sunday, November 13 . We had a huge turnout last year and we’re hoping for an even bigger one this year. In addition to all-you-can-eat vegan waffles with tons of toppings, we’ll have tofu scramble, veggie hash, frittata, cinnamon rolls, fried (seitan) chick’n. Gluten-free options will be available. There will also be a silent auction and music will be provided by DJ Veganinblack.

So if you’re in the Chicago area, you should come eat waffles with me! (Some will even be made by me.) Buy your tickets now to save some money and ensure yourself a spot!

Go here for more information and to buy tickets.


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