Trudging through

Dear readers, I am not gone. I promise. I am just in the midst of Major Life Turmoil, namely a move into a new apartment which has turned out to be a major lemon. Broken furnace, non-functional toilet, rat-infested basement, kitchen sink without hot water, busted light fixture in the living room and as of yesterday, a non-working fridge. It’s been a nightmare, y’all. And on top of it, I’ve been without internet access at home for over a week. As my new (fellow vegan femme) roommate said today, Femme utopia is off to a rocky start. But we’re getting there.

Today is my birthday. 33 has been a rough one. I’m ready for the positive change that 34 is going to usher in. That is my mantra for this year. 

I’ll return with more thoughts once I’ve got reliable internet access, lovelies. Wish me luck!


6 responses to “Trudging through

  1. Happy birthday. You’ve packed an amazing journey into 34 years. Here’s to more!

  2. Hi I just randomly stumbled upon your site and wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday! Here’s to new beginnings and vegan femme utopias! xo

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday!

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