Well, I made it. I’m now 25% finished with grad school. I would love to say that I had a great time and am excited and energized about my new career path but that would be a lie. This semester was rough. Getting back into student mode was more difficult than I had anticipated. The amount of reading required was overwhelming. I’ve struggled with intense anxiety all semester, finally caving last month and going back on medication. Classes were not as inspiring as I had hoped they would be, in fact one of them was downright disappointing. My field placement suffered a snag about 3 weeks into the semester and I had to switch agencies. While my new placement is exciting (I’m part of a brand new program at an agency and seeing it built from the ground up), it’s been super slow going and terribly frustrating at times. I’m exhausted, physically and mentally, and I’m beyond ready for a break. Someone told me that grad school is designed to break you. I won’t argue with that, particularly with regards to MSW programs. But I made it, and with a 4.0 to boot. My career goals are still murky and I don’t yet have a firm decision on which concentration I’m going to choose next semester but I’m at least feeling mildly accomplished.


3 responses to “Re-entry

  1. Grad school is tough. And they usually don’t make the process easy or friendly. I’ve had many a drunk and sober convos about why the process is so convoluted and often counter to the philosophy that the school espouses.

    I’m glad to hear you’ve made it through…and successfully to boot. And glad that you’ve already been placed somewhere. Something to be very proud of even among the exhaustion and disappointment.


    • Thanks! With my MSW program, field placement occurs right away. It’s considered a course. First year MSW students do two days a week at their placements and second years do three, in addition to coursework.

      • Ah gotcha. That’s actually kind of cool that they give you access to real job-related work. Better than some lol.

        It sounds like it has been a tough transition though. Hope it gets better or at least more worthwhile 🙂

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