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In conjunction with this weekend’s BUTCH Voices Conference…

Two fantastic workshops are being presented by members of the newly-forming Butch Nation at the Oakland Marriott.

From Sasha Goldberg:

This Saturday (8/20), 12pm. BULLDAGGER: For Women-Identified, Female-Pronoun Using Butches.

This Sunday (8/21), 12pm. “Exploring Our Masculinities While Keeping Our Feminisms.” Oakland Marriott.

The room is under the name Goldberg. Butch Nation will be there. Free and open to the public. Post widely.

Also, a femme and ally discussion is being held:

FEMINIST FEMMES & ALLIES: Holding the Butch Space
SAT 8/20 12 NOON Oakland Marriott 2nd Flr. Free and Open to the Public.

Let’s talk about our love and support for woman-identified butches. “We have a stake in this, not because we can’t exist as femme without butches but because butches are family to us.” Bring your thoughts, words & analysis to our Femme and Ally conversation.
Meet: Cozy couch area north of 12 Bar Lounge 2nd flr. (look for sign)
[H/T to fierce femme Staci of Owning My Truth blog].

Additionally, a “Town Hall” meeting will be held on Friday (8/19) at the Oakland Marriott in the Jewett Ballroom to discuss the recent events surrounding BUTCH Voices. This meeting is free and open to the public and Butch Nation members/supporters are encouraged to attend.*

I think all of these events sound wonderful. Obviously, I’m all for a feminist femme discussion surrounding the butches we love. And the first two workshops are vitally important to our community. Feminism and fighting misogyny can only help us grow (perhaps with the exception of transphobic radical feminists like Sheila Jeffreys, but you all know my stance on that particular brand of feminism). I’m glad that BUTCH Voices is having the Town Meeting because I think community members need to talk about everything that has transpired, really talk about it, rather than just reading press releases and blog posts. I, for one, am anxious to hear more about why the Board of BUTCH Voices is so opposed to including ‘feminism’ in their mission statement and I want to know what they have to say in regards to the accusations of misogyny and ageism, none of which was ever fully addressed in those aforementioned press releases (aside from just flat out dismissals).

For those who are attending any of the events this weekend, have fun! I’ll be there in spirit!

*Unfortunately, it seems that members of Butch Nation were never contacted about this meeting and since it is being held midday on a work day before the conference actually begins, no one from Butch Nation can actually attend. They are calling for BUTCH Voices to either move the Town Hall meeting to Sunday or hold a ‘part two’ meeting so that they may take part in the discussion. More info here. I will update this post with any changes if they occur.

UPDATE: According to the BUTCH Voices Facebook page, the Town Hall meeting held Friday was the first of two, with the second scheduled for Sunday. I have heard 2 pm but the time and location of the second meeting weren’t actually listed in the FB post.