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More truths

I’ve been putting off this post for a good long while now, unable to focus my thoughts enough to form a coherent paragraph. There has been an upheaval. What do I address first? How much do I tell? Should I just wait until things settle down?┬áTo answer that last one, it ain’t gonna happen. Life is not gonna slow down enough for me to even catch my breath so I’ve got to learn to breathe through it.

My life as of late has been, in a word, dramatic. I’m single now. Or single-ish. Because I’ve had to own yet another truth: I’m not cut out for monogamy. This is something that has occurred to me before but problems arose so non-monogamy was taken off the table. I told myself I was fine with that, and I was for good long while, until some rumblings buried deep below started to rear their intrusive heads.

Life is once again demonstrating to me that you’ve got no power over who your heart wants. I found myself with feelings for someone who wasn’t my partner while still very much in love with my partner. As you might guess, this caused an immense amount of internal turmoil and guilt. I agonized over the situation. How could I possibly have fallen for someone else when I had such a wonderful, supportive partner? What was wrong with me? Cue so much self-flagellation and burying of feelings that I am so very good at. But in the end, I couldn’t quash those feelings. And my partner couldn’t accept that, so she moved out.

To be clear, I’m not blaming my partner. I’m not blaming anyone, not anymore. I shouldered all of the blame myself for quite a while until I was so broken down from the weight of it that I could barely function. So I let it go. It’s not my partner’s fault that she is hardwired for monogamy and I’m not. And it’s not my fault that I fell for someone else.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback from various peanut galleries in my life, all people who mean well. I know they do. But they don’t know my heart. And if I’ve learned one thing over the last year, it’s that I can trust my heart and I should follow it. My bodywork therapist told me that 2012 is the year of transformations. I believe it. For me these transformations are going to come from following my heart.

Transformation is important, vital even, but never very easy. My routine, certain little world is no more. The future is cloudy. But as I was reminded by someone special, it never really was so certain before; it only seemed that way. The difference now is that a little more truth has been freed from my core and I’m stronger for it.

Bear with me…

I have numerous ideas for posts floating around in my head but not nearly enough time, focus or emotional energy to begin a single one. My life just got very messy and painful and complicated and scary. And I’m working through it as best I can, feeling disjointed and frazzled and scared and free and joyful and hated and loved all at once. Thank goodness for my amazing therapist, acupuncturist and supportive friends. I’ll make it through this, as I always do, because I must. I’m trying to be as gentle with myself as possible right now, though that’s taking some serious work as I am the Queen of Self-Punishment. I want to be open to all the new possibilities and life lessons that are arising from this major change, even when that means having some awkward and/or painful conversations and getting called out on my shit by loved ones who care enough to not leave no matter how hard I push.

I’m learning to let go and leave my comfort zone, to embrace the unknown and make peace with uncertainty. To say this is difficult would be an understatement, though I realize I’m far from unique. I don’t know too many people who are particularly fond of change, especially life-altering, heartbreaking change that jolts us out of our safe comfort zones. But knowing that this is a universal human truth doesn’t make the getting through it any easier. Just a little less lonely, I suppose.