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Evolution of Identity, Part II: Ruminations on Deep Lez

Very closely related to my last post is the subject of Deep Lez (which has also come up in various discussions on Tumblr recently).  Deep Lez is more of a theory, a movement, than an identity (though there certainly are some who are choosing it as an identifier for themselves). And it’s also not so very serious all the time. It’s a feeling and a culture. Astrology, tea, folk music, Goddess worship, crystals, labrys jewelry…all totally Deep Lez.

Deep Lez is a phrase coined by artist Allyson Mitchell to reclaim ‘lesbian’ as a radical identity and calls it both “theory and practice.” Deep Lez honors the contributions of radical lesbian feminists of the second wave while still acknowledging the problematic aspects of the politics of that time (namely, transphobia). Deep Lez acts as a bridge between the second and third waves, urging feminists of the current generation not to forget our herstory and insisting on more inclusive politics this time around. As Mitchell says in this interview,

Deep Lez is about rescuing lesbian and radical feminism from being forgotten or discarded. There are some really amazing principles and practices that I don’t want to get lost…I think  a lot of people are too dismissive of lesbian feminism. It becomes a joke and a cliché at best. At worst, people gag on the word lesbian, forget about being able to affiliate themselves with it. I think there is a deep set misogyny in these statements. I want to call attention to this misogyny and at the same time tweak lesbian feminism into an inclusive contemporary urban context that could really use a lot of its principles right now, and actually does use a lot of its principles but doesn’t necessarily give it credit.

And I say, credit where credit is due. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think my tea is ready and I need to consult my horoscope.

Out With The Old

No, this is not my New Year’s resolutions post (primarily because I don’t make resolutions, I set intentions). Regardless, this isn’t the time for that. I will warn before you wade to deeply into this post that I’m about to get a little woo woo on you. You know, Earth Mother-crunchy-granola-Goddess-energy woo woo. Deep Lez (more on that later). That kind of woo woo. You’ve been warned.

I am not what one would call a spiritual person. In fact, I consider myself a staunch atheist and a fairly cynical realist. However lately I have been feeling a bit of a pull, a need for something…more. Not a higher power. Not hope for life everlasting in heaven. Those remain discarded beliefs from my youth. But I’ve been feeling a need to connect with something more, some everyday magic, to be more grounded and yet less rational at the same time.

So when a friend posted this link on making a releasing bundle for the Winter Solstice, it really resonated with me. A symbolic, woman-centered ritual celebration involving nature and the cosmos that signifies releasing old patterns seemed perfect for where I am in my life. This past year has been a difficult one and one in which I had to make some pretty big decisions involving letting go. Even though those decisions have been made and a new path has been set, there is still much in the way of emotions and behavior patterns I would like to release. So I will be participating in my own little ceremony. I have no circle but my partner and I will be holding our own releasing ceremony with some things I’ve scrounged together (some hemp bags that a pair of Earth shoes came in, bay leaves in place of tobacco and dried chamomile to stand in for lavender). If you’re willing and able, I invite you to join me in this symbolic letting go of things that no longer serve you.*

Mother of All Releasings Ceremony: Winter Solstice, 2012 from Pixie Campbell on Vimeo.

I am still making notes on what exactly I want to release but here are some general ones…

Anger…Fear…Perfectionism…Toxic relationships…Anxiety…Broken dreams…Hopelessness…

What do you want to release?

*The solstice officially arrives at 12:30 am EST on Thursday. My partner and I are planning on having our ceremony at 11:30 pm CST to usher the solstice in but I know many women have been and will be having their ceremonies all week.